Enriching With Protein And Energy

The food suggestions on this page are intended for people with Huntington's Disease, who have special nutritional needs. A diet based on these suggestions may be inappropriate for those who do not have these special needs.

Breakfast Cereals

  • Use high protein milk or SustagenTM
  • Make porridge on milk or SustagenTM rather than water
  • Add sugar or honey

Toast, Bread, Muffins, Crumpets

  • Spread margarine or butter thickly
  • Use smooth peanut butter, marmalade, jam, honey
  • Use avocado or mayonnaise


  • Spread margarine or butter thickly
  • Add an extra slice of meat or cheese
  • Add mayonnaise, relish, creamed cheese, avocado


  • Add margarine, butter, oil, cheese, sour cream, white sauce
  • Add milk powder or cream to mashed vegetables


  • Add custard, ice cream, gelato, cream, yoghurt
  • Add sugar, glucose syrup or honey
  • Add to milk drinks

Soups and Sauces

  • Add milk powder, cream, sour cream, eggs, grated cheese
  • Use cream soups Instead of broths and consommes
  • Make soup on milk rather than water

Savoury Dishes

  • Add grated cheese, milk powder, margarine, butter, oil, cream, eggs, mayonnaise, salad dressing

Milk Puddings and Desserts

  • Add extra milk powder, eggs, sugar
  • Add cream, ice-cream, custard, yoghurt
  • Add flavoured toppings, honey, glucose syrup


  • Encourage milk and juice based drinks in preference to water, tea or coffee
  • Use high protein milk for milk drinks
  • Add honey, malt, glucose syrup, flavoured toppings
  • Add Cocoa, flavoured drink powder, ice-cream, fruit
  • Use commercial supplements

[These guidelines for meeting the nutritional needs of people with Huntington's Disease were first published in the Association's Gateway newsletter Volume 4 No. 5, September/October 2001. They were prepared by Karen Keast, Dietitian, Huntington Disease Service (NSW), and include material compiled by the Dietitians Association of Australia NSW Gerontology Special Interest Group. The guidelines were reviewed and revised in August 2004.]

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